The Indoorsmen

Making the modern male home less gross, thanks to P&G.

Feel that your tendency to stay inside instead of experiencing the great outdoors might be making your home less-than-appealing? Don’t worry, the “Indoorsmen” are here, and they’re showing us that even coach potatoes have standards, albeit low ones. Working with Cossette on a new series of masterbrand videos, P&G shows how the modern man uses its products to make a den of video games and…well, mostly video games, the kind of place you can stand to never leave. Our lumber-less lumbersexuals Len and Herb show how doing laundry with Tide, last-second clean-up for a surprise visitor with Swiffer and using Febreeze to eliminate some of the more foul side-effects of a gaming marathon doesn’t have to be boring or tear you away from your controller for, heaven forbid, more than five minutes.


Brand: P&G Canada
Agency: Cossette
Production Company: Circle Productions
Group Account Director: Caley Erlich
Account Supervisor: Dawn Lacuesta
Account Executive: Ameerah Razac
Associate Creative Director: Jamie Cordwell, Greg Shortall
Copywriter: Owen Milburn
Art Director: Rebecca Dunnet
Producer: Elvira Labate
 Director: Samir Rehem
D.O.P.: Jonathon Cliff
Executive Producer: Karen Tameanko
Line Producer: Alexander Bowell
Casting: Powerhouse Casting
Audio House: Keen Music