A gift that calls you on arrival

Be present for your present's big opening.

With five siblings, four of whom live in four different countries, this Stim writer could do with one of these. The Omni Present is a device that can be delivered with any gift you plan to send to a loved one far, far away. When the recipient opens the present you so graciously sent them via mail, the device immediately calls your mobile so you can listen intently as they jump for joy/cry/laugh at the gift they’ve just received. Created by Amsterdam-based interactive design agency Frolic during a 24-hour hackathon, the Omni Present was built using¬†Arduino, a mini cellular GSM module by¬†Adafrui, and other techy things, according to PSFK. So say goodbye to “What present? I didn’t get any present. Must have gotten lost in the mail” excuses for gifts you don’t like, and start practising your enthusiastic voice.