The city’s your canvas

Paint by squirt gun and numbers? Yes, please!


What world would we live in if we couldn’t put our hair in a hazmat suit and squirt paint guns at strangers? A sad (and less colourful) one at that.

Architecture firm Raw did what it does best last week, once again organizing a killer art-fest in the city of Toronto. Artists of all walks covered the floors, windows and walls with dripping paint (provided by friends at Benjamin Moore) and created art that guests could interact with (including, but not limited to, a playful paint gun wall, oversized wall puzzle and paint-by-numbers). There wasn’t a section of Lakeshore and Jarvis, the future site of the City of the Arts, that wasn’t untouched by the imagination of the city’s best painters, sculptors, architects, designers and graffiti artists. And now we’re kicking ourselves for missing it.

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