A sobering cereal toy

Rethink and Arrive Alive remind students not to drive on a hangover.


The days when we could look forward to getting a new toy every time we opened a fresh box of cereal are long over. To be honest, there are many mornings when we’re wishing the box had a hangover cure inside of it instead. But this activation by┬ádrunk driving awareness group Arrive Alive and agency Rethink looks to show us that getting behind the wheel after a night of drinking to find asprin and Gatorade might not be such a great idea.

On college and university campuses in Ontario, Arrive Alive handed out free boxes of Arrowhead Mills cereal to students. Rethink (seemingly) kept the joy of childhood alive by putting a free toy car inside every box, but the cars were smashed up, and packaged with a reminder to students that getting a bit of shut-eye after a night out doesn’t mean alcohol from the night before has left their system. While many students have likely seen their fair share of anti-drunk driving PSAs about not getting behind the wheel during a night of drinking, we suspect hitting them with a message first thing in the morning was not only surprising, but put drunk driving in a context they likely hadn’t seen too often.


























Brand: Arrive Alive
Agency: Rethink

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