Your cat is a jerk

But maybe keeping it occupied with Meowbox will help?


Subscription box companies (services that send curated packages of products to your door every month) are becoming increasingly popular. They are built on both convenience and our desire for cool stuff, as they take the research work out of finding your new favourite toy/health snack/item of clothing — time we can then spend on using/eating/wearing whatever we get. Meowbox is one such service, giving you hand-picked toys and treats for your cat, which is great, because giving them something to do with their free time will save you from cleaning up after them when you come home.

Don’t believe your Mr. Mittens or Snowball or Catticus Finch could be that destructive? Check out Cossette’s new spot for the service, largely compiled from videos of cats being little monsters that have already circulated the web. Maybe one day our feline friends will kill time with cat videos, too.


Agency: Cossette
Brand: Meowbox
Creative Director: Michael Milardo
Art Director: Grace Cho
Copywriter: Cameron Spires
Agency Producer: Philippa Groom
Director: Michael Milardo
DOP: Blake Ponto
Editor: Jessie Sohpaul
Director of Brand Services: Anne Buch
Brand Director: Jackie Pearl