This is one smart menstrual cup

Ever wanted to know what your period says about you?

loon cup

So… apparently you can now connect your phone to your period.

The Looncup takes the internet of things to a whole new (we’re not sure if we’re happy about) place. The world’s first smart menstrual cup isn’t out just yet, but it’s looking pretty promising: it’s logged nearly $27,000 in funds from backers on Kickstarter over only a few days. It connects a person’s mobile device to a plastic cup (much like the increasingly popular DivaCup) that collects menstruation fluid over the course of a woman’s cycle and tracks things like its volume and colour. So, now you can know when you’re about ready for a change (down to the minute!) and if you’re not sleeping well or you’re under too much stress (the colour apparently points to these things). We can track how many hours of sleep we get in a night (thanks for sleep apps) and how many calories we burn walking to work (thanks to fitness apps) — it was only a matter of time before someone decided we needed to start tracking the most dreaded event of the month.

ef9533882b889775fc6c8f11721eaae3_original loon cup 5Via Mashable