The rally dog

John St. turns Schneiders hot dogs into lucky charms for the Jays.

Schneiders isn’t the first brand to show its support for the Blue Jays during this year’s playoffs, but with the team trailing 3-1 in their series with the Royals, now is the perfect time for it to jump in with some good luck.

For those not educated in the long and storied history of ridiculous baseball traditions, a “rally cap” is when fans turn their caps inside out and put them on in hopes it will get their team to come from behind and win the game (sports fans are weird).

To give its own take, John St. created this video that was being promoted on Twitter yesterday to bring a little bit of good mojo to the team ahead of Game 4. It takes your classic, ballpark-style Schneiders hot dog and shows you how to turn it into a “rally dog” (although some of you clearly didn’t take the advice).

Flipping a hot dog bun like this might be a bit silly, for sure, but so are grown adults who think turning a hat inside out will help Josh Donaldson hit a home run.


Brand: Schneiders
Agency: John St.