Ending TP inequality

Ogilvy helps Cottonelle solve Ryerson's tissue issue.

A few weeks ago, The Eyeopener, Ryerson University’s campus newspaper, landed a scoop that shook its student body to the core. While students suffered through using flimsy, one-ply industrial toilet paper, the bathrooms closest to the offices of the university’s president, provost and VPs had been stocked with two-ply. While it might be easy to brush this off as a small-potatoes campus story, students were in a minor outrage over what the newspaper called a “two-tiered Ryerson.”

Looking to remedy this unfairness, Cottonelle and its agency Ogilvy loaded up a truck and brought its own premium single-ply toilet paper to campus, handing it out to students that shared how they had been making do with the “inferior” tissue. From there they could bring it with them, ensuring their hineys were happy no matter what bathroom they used.


Brand: Cottonelle (Kimberly-Clark Canada)
Agency: Ogilvy