Beyond the notes you take

Cossette reveals the value of a Royal Roads education.

Ah, the whiteboard. It still haunts the dreams of university graduates. But whether we like to admit it or not, those moments we spent staring at the notes on a whiteboard in university helped shape who we are (whether we actually wrote them or not). In a new activation for Royal Roads University, Cossette Vancouver set up a whiteboard in a Burrard Station in Vancouver that bared a long, panic-inducing wall of classroom notes. Instead of writing them down (and quitting halfway, as we often did in our school days), pedestrians were encouraged to erase the notes, eventually revealing a message letting people know the real value of education.

The stunt is reminiscent of an activation Cossette did for Royal Roads in 2013, where people walking by could each take one of a wall of pens, revealing a similarly inspiring message.


Brand: Royal Roads University
Agency: Cossette Vancouver
Director of Brand Services: Anne Buch
Brand Director: Robyn Smith
Brand Supervisor: Lindy Scott
Executive Creative Director: Michael Milardo
Associate Creative Director/Art Director: Scott Schneider
Copywriter: Kate Roland
Media: Sarah Morris, Bryan Mitten
Producers: Philippa Groom, Chris Townsend, Megan O’Rourke
Studio Artist: Carl de Vogue
Public relations: Citizen Relations