The benefit of arriving first

Lg2 brings order to deal hunting for retailer Studio.


By now, you’ve probably seen enough videos of crowds fighting each other during Black Friday sales last week to never want to go to another sale in your life. But before you hang up your bargain-hunting shoes for good, have a look at these print ads by Lg2 for Quebec fashion retailer Studio’s fall sale.

The idea of two people elegantly slipping an arm or leg into a piece of clothing at the same time because they both grabbed it at the same time might feel a bit low-stakes when we’ve seen people get knocked out over a toaster. But it still gets the idea across that you need to “arrive first” if you want to make getting that “must-have” sweater less of a nightmare. Plus, it gives us hope that there’s a few people out there that might want to bring a bit of class back to the thrill of the hunt, where someone gets what they want because they found it first (and not because they out-muscled the person who was also going for the last medium-sized shirt).




Brand: Studio
Agency: Lg2
Creative Director: Luc Du Sault
Art Director: Vincent Bernard
Copywriter: Nicolas Boisvert
Accountant: Sandie Lafleur
Photographer: Olivier Staub / La Cavalerie
Producer: Emilie Heckmann / La Cavalerie
Photograph Assistant: Martin Lacroix, Frederik Robitaille
Digital Artist: Visual Box