Flashy pups

Make your dog glow in the dark.


The other day I saw a woman walking her dog and the pup had a little glowing ball attached to its collar. I thought it was a clever idea, considering how early it gets dark this time of year, and (as you may already know) dogs can be pretty hard to spot at night. The NoxGear LightHound takes it a step further with a fully illuminated harness for your faithful friend. I don’t have a dog myself, but I know that most canine-owners consider their pets part of the family, so this is the perfect gift for your dog-obsessed friend. Besides, if you’d put a light on your kid’s bike, wouldn’t you want to extend the same safety measure to your four-legged child? Of course you would.

Bonus: it sort of makes your dog look like he’s going to an EDM music festival, and who wouldn’t want that?

Via Trendhunter