Air Canada hand-delivers long distance gifts

Marketel finds stories worthy of reviving the "Gift of Home."

This holiday season has seen a steep reduction in the number of “giftvertising” spots we’ve seen compared to last year, but Air Canada has found a pretty good reason to keep the trend alive. In the new holiday spot, by Marketel, several people are shown explaining the meaning behind the things they’re giving to loved ones living far away, all under the guise that they’re being filmed for a documentary about shipping gifts over the holidays (shame we’ll never know the excitement of watching that doc). When they go to the post office to ship their gifts, an Air Canada pilot emerges to give them a gift of their own.

We’ve seen a similar idea from Air Canada in last year’s “Gift of Home” spot, where the airline brought plane tickets home to a bar in London that’s known as a hub for Canadian expats, but getting to see a bit more of the story behind why a trip to see a loved one is so meaningful definitely gives it an extra emotional punch.


Brand: Air Canada
Agency: Marketel
Client: Craig Landry, Selma Filali, Dani Bastien, John Xydous, Annie Couture
Creative Team: Jo-Ann Munro and Jessie Sternthal
Account Service: Max Duval and Benoît Béland
Agency Producer: John V. Kennedy
Director: David Hicks
Production House: MOM Productions