Koodo improves Mondays

The mobile co rolled up its sleeves to create a #HappyMonday.


The idea that the third Monday in January is the most depressing of the year is an idea that persists, even though the research behind “Blue Monday” has been thoroughly debunked. But myth or not, couldn’t everyone use a bit of a pick-me-up on a Monday, let alone one in the dead of winter?

As part of its “Choose Happy” platform, Koodo and its agency Camp Jefferson spent what it called “#HappyMonday” trying to find ways to cheer up Canadians. It updated the “Happy Hub” (its home base for all things silly, colourful and fun-loving) with messages that were more direct so people could send them to friends in need. But beyond an easy, platform-related microsite, it also got its hands dirty in order to find more direct ways to improve people’s moods. On social, it reached out directly to people who were expressing how they were feeling down in the dumps or had general disdain for Mondays as a whole with messages of positivity, while a lucky few received things like gifts based on their interests or donations made in their name to causes close to their heart.



Whether people felt blue because of a myth or the general crumminess of Monday, it’s not a stretch to say that everyone likes to feel appreciated.


Brand: Koodo Mobile
Agency: Camp Jefferson
Executive Creative Director: Paul Little
Associate Creative Director: Chris Obergfell
Art Director: Caroline Friesen
Jr. Art Director: Taylor Nihls
Copywriter: Michelle Colistro
Production Coordinator: Lily Tran
VP of Planning: Andre Louis
VP of Social & Innovation: Ian Barr
Social Strategist: Chris Campaner
VP Client Service: Edith Rosa
Account Supervisor: Melanie Abbott
Account Executive: Sabrina Zavarise
Account Director: Lisa Taylor
Web Director/Lead: Thomas Schemmer
Creative Developer: Peerum You
Lead Developer: Heung Lee (Ransom Profit)
Media Agency: Cossette Media