Not your average deck of cards

This artist in California beautifully carves up the images found on the back of playing cards (and pretty much renders them useless).


If you love/have a good deck of cards, don’t give them to this guy. He’ll cut them to shreds. Granted, they’ll be beautiful three-dimensional shreds, but they’ll be rendered useless for your next game of Solitaire.

California-based artist Dan Levin likes to take various decks and cut right through them – sometimes following the lines, sometimes not – of the image found on the back of the set. We’re not sure how he does it, and we’re definitely not sure what we’d do with one of these (if we were to purchase one on Etsy, that is), but we’re probably gonna purchase one anyways to find out. But not the clown set, that’s just creepy.

altered-playing-card-decks8-900x652 altered-playing-card-decks7s-900x659 altered-playing-card-decks7-900x576 altered-playing-card-decks6-900x611 altered-playing-card-decks3-900x605 altered-playing-card-decks2-900x589 playing cards 1clown