Proudly wasting time and money since 1993

Ever wonder what goes on OUTSIDE the walls of Sid Lee? Now there's a hub for all those passion projects you're curious about.
Sid Lee

If you can believe it, Stimulant is less than a month shy of celebrating the one-year anniversary of Passion Projects. Shocking how fast time flies, we know.

But while we’ve been putting a spotlight on the outside-the-office talents of advertising creatives for a year, Sid Lee has been doing something (sorta) similar since 1993. It, too, has been putting the time into recognizing what goes on outside agency walls (and sometimes inside) for almost two decades now, as it encourages its worker bees to pursue their passion projects by helping to fund, produce and exhibit them.

If you’re curious to see what some of those things look like, the agency is keen to show you. It recently launched the Sid Lee Collective platform, where the shop is/will be showcasing some of their folks’ projects in profile posts, while asking the global creative community to join by sharing a project or story idea (or even a sweet nothing/ransom note). Some of the things creatives have produced include chairs that reduce time in meetings and a machine to convert Twitter posts into knitting, among many other wonderful and weird things.

The shop has even carved out time for everyone there to pursue their own external creative outlet. “No matter the day job, we believe everyone benefits from pursuing collaborative creative projects you love. That’s why everyone at Sid Lee gets up to 10% of their time to make passion projects happen,” according to the site. It’d be tough not to use that 10% for nap time.

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