Let it grow

Sure, you've heard of a workspace for rent. But have you heard of one wholly dedicated to flower entrepreneurs?
let it grow

You won’t have a tough time finding a rentable workspace for freelancers, start-ups and budding entrepreneurs. They’re aplenty in cities from coast to coast.

But try find one that’s wholly focused on a very niche industry, like flowers and plants. Now that’s a little more tricky. Although, not if you’re in Amsterdam, starting today.

Let It Grow officially opened for business this morning as the “world’s first incubator for flowers and plants innovations.” Yes, that’s a pretty specific order, but it also has a lot of potential. The industry is positively flourishing, with start-ups looking to influence city life using, you guessed it, flora. So Let It Grow is looking to support this budding industry with a workspace and innovation grant that anyone in the green biz can apply for, with projects being built in Let It Grow’s own Amsterdam backyard.

The organization (created by Royal FloraHolland, a 100-year-old flower auction house) has also developed a digital hub for projects and profiles on plant-related start-ups in cities around the world and the people behind them.

You can view the projects here and the profiles here. Some of the fantastical projects and businesses you’ll find includes a company that uses plants to generate electricity, as well as “chemogarden” where cancer patients can undergo chemotherapy. Who would’ve thought the little guys who give us life can improve life too?