Making your money do all the work

Is that Canada's first prime minister building furniture and doing the dishes for BMO customers?
Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 10.25.15 PM

We never thought we’d see John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first prime minister, building what looks to be Ikea furniture on the floor of a 21st-century bedroom. Nor did we expect him to clean the dishes or know how to use a vacuum so well.

Ok, so maybe¬†it’s not really the famous PM doing all the work. Perhaps we’ll buy that it’s just the money (a $10 Canadian bill, on which his image has been immortalized) that’s doing all the household legwork. And, of course, that’s the analogy that BMO is going with in its new spot below for the bank’s SmartFolio service. The idea is to show how simple¬†investing online can be: “it’s like your money does all the hard work for you.” It’s apparently affordable and also “hands-free,” as is all the work you’re making old Macdonald do (but don’t feel bad, he seems to like helping out, or at least that’s what his smiling eyes and winking smile tells us).

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