Our pink house

Why did this artist crochet enough to cover an entire home?

There are cozy houses, and then those wrapped entirely in crocheted yarn. Seriously, though.

Artist Olek recently completed a project where an entire house in Finland was covered in neon pink yarn. Warm and fuzzy as it may be, the project makes a political point.

The house is actually a follow up to Olek’s installation in Sweden, a home with a crocheted interior made with the help of Syrian and Ukrainian refugees. That home was blown up as part of the artist making a statement about the displacement of so many people in the world. The pink house project in Finland is meant to give a happier ending to that first project.

“After I exploded the house I wanted to create a positive ending for them as a symbol of a brighter future for all people, especially the ones who have been displaced against their own wills,” Olek writes on her site. “Women have the ability to recreate themselves. No matter how low life might bring us, we can get back on our feet and start anew.”

The pink house is being exhibited in Finland until November.

Image credit: Olek NYC