From tiny homes to tiny workspaces

For those wanting a mobile work life, Nissan has created an office the size of a van.

Hot-desking and temporary workspaces are no longer things of the future. They’re here now, and we’re convinced that they’re here to stay.

People are opting out of the permanent office stay, creating innovative ways to use every nook and cranny they can find to do their business.

The smart thing for any brand these days is to jump on a future-shaping trend and see where it takes them. That’s exactly what Nissan and agency Studio Hardie recently did with the e-NV200 WORKSPACe — a portable office that’s all-electric and all-encompassing.

This nifty little van has been gutted and transformed into a fully-functioning office, complete with a coffee machine that appears out of nowhere (technically, from under the counter), wireless internet, a killer sound system, storage, desk and chair.

It’s so darn smart, it even has a expandable, pull-out deck for an after-hour sundowner.