SickKids’ giant cure for the homesick

The fourth spot in the "VS." campaign focuses on kids' worries about being away from home on Christmas.

As the December days tick away on advent calendars, SickKids is rolling out the final installment of the “VS.” campaign that launched its holiday fundraising push in October. The final challenge: making sure Santa knows to visit the hospital on Christmas Eve.

The secret is in the bait. “SickKids VS. Missing Home,” the fourth spot, shows kids in their hospital rooms, leaving out small milk cartons and posting notes to Santa on their windows to let him know who’s inside. The hospital’s kitchen staff has bigger plans. Much bigger.

The idea for the spot came from patients, parents and child specialists who noted kids’ anxiety about Santa being able to find them when they aren’t at home, a release from creative agency Cossette said. The giant cookie and glass of milk on the rooftop helipad were an emblematic way to address the fear.

The spot began running on TV Dec. 5 and will air for the rest of the month. It shares a similar idea with a recent BC Children’s Hospital ad, which also highlights Christmas preparations in the children’s hospital. In keeping with the rest of the “VS.” campaign, though, the SickKids execution is more emphatic.

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