Now that’s a chocolate liqueur

Appleton Estate creates a less discardable Christmas treat.


We all know those boxes of chocolate liqueurs your aunt buys every year – the ones that languish through Boxing Day, past New Year’s, and are finally euthanized in January with the rest of the Christmas decor, only a couple of chocolates gone, taken by the briefly curious and immediately remorseful.

Well, fortunately Appleton Estate is doing better this year. The rum brand is dipping entire select 750 ml bottles in chocolate. Its agency, BBDO, is sharing the joy with its clients, who will hopefully find a better use for the bottles than those sad chocolate boxes. Just be careful with your teeth.



Client: Appleton Estate
ECDs: Denise Rossetto and Todd Mackie
AD: Marissa Mastenbroek
CW: Domenique Raso
VP, group account director: Rebecca Flaman
Chocolatier: Odile Chocolat
Printer: Flash Reproductions
Studio: SGL- Matt Eves