A book you can only read once

Wayward Arts and Lg2 created story books that you have to destroy to reach the end.


Phones allow for constant communication. But do we take the ability to text and be in ceaseless contact for granted?

Wayward Arts, a non-profit graphic magazine for the design community, seems to think so, which is why it enlisted Lg2 to bring back the value of communication in the pub’s latest edition.

By taking three real-life text conversations – one about birth, another about love and a third about death – and telling them in print format, the shop was able to cleverly convey the “creativity of print” while tapping into the counterculture in a society dependent on digital interactions.

Not only was the story told using sent and received text messages – Lg2 took it a step further by having readers tear off each page in order to read to the end of the “three chapters of the human experience” (as described in the case study video below). Essentially, one has to destroy the written communication forever simply by consuming it.

Via Infopresse