Eat it up

Check out Cupcakes' sweet redesign by 123W.

cupcakes 1

What’s sweeter than cupcakes? This new branding work out of 123W.

You’re all likely familiar with the Cupcake Girls. OK, so maybe you haven’t watched their reality show on the W Network, but we doubt you’ve gone seven years without having at least heard of the women who duo-handedly turned their little business into a cupcake empire. Well, now they have a new look, and it’s as delicious as their cupcakes.

cupcakes 4

The new logo is designed to be a “modern take on vintage bakeries, while drawing inspiration from icing-piped typography,” explains agency 123W in an Instagram post announcing the redesign, which also includes packaging that is meant to “connect every size of box to form ever-changing patterns in retail locations.”

cupcakes 2 cupcakes 3



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