Grab a bucket from K’ehFC

The QSR joins the Canada 150 celebration with a name change.
KFC Canada-KFC Canada changes name to K-ehFC

Brands founded in Canada have it relatively easy when it comes to Canada 150, since their reasons for being a part of it are fairly obvious. Brands that aren’t based here have been trying to join the celebration with simple things like red-and-white, maple leaf-adorned packaging, but it also makes sense to dig deep into their history and find some other Canadian connection.

In 1955, KFC landed in Canada when it opened a location on 8th Street in Saskatoon, with Colonel Sanders himself on site to seal the opening with a handshake. To recognize 62 years of serving the brand’s “finger lickin’ good” chicken in Canada, the brand’s first restaurant here has had its name, logo and signage all been changed to “K’ehFC” for the rest of the summer. The brand’s website has also been changed, and it will do a series of online giveaways through its social channels.