A tabletop rink with your drink

Quebec's Nutrilait (already the official milk of the Montreal Canadiens) is adding hockey fun to its products.

It seems everything is going through a process of gamification these days: exercise, education, even riding your bike. Now, one Quebec milk company is adding a little friendly competition to milk.

Nutrilait, already the official milk of the Montreal Canadiens, is adding fun to its products. For a limited time, its cartons of chocolate milk, strawberry milk and coffee cream will feature a cut-out goal so that milk drinkers can play a table-top game of hockey.

The promotion is part of Nutrilait’s “Real milk for real life” campaign, which launched in 2015 by agency Bob.

Local initiatives have also been planned for product sampling events, where brand reps will distribute reusable straws shaped like hockey sticks to bring even more realism to the tabletop game. It’s also hosting an online contest where consumers can win tickets to a Habs game at the Bell Centre.

Who says you need an air hockey table?