Wunder’s (w)underwhelming gift shop

The agency tested clients' patience with a classic bait-and-switch.

How to say thanks to the greatest clients in the world?

How about a pencil? A 16GB USB stick? A used textbook from your communication studies days with only a few pages highlighted?

Sounds like a bit of a joke, right? Well, Wunder’s holiday card tested its clients’ patience with such a stunt. It drew up a few $25 gift cards, sent them out to clients, and directed them to the most underwhelming gift shop (a.k.a The Wunder Gift Shop) where they could find Wunder office stationary up for grabs.

Whether you picked an item or just decided to click off the page, Wunder quickly popped in with a message that the gift card was actually for Amazon, so clients could spend the cash on something they actually wanted.

Well played, Wunder. Well-played. And, for those who were actually hoping for a few new pencils or small-capacity USB sticks, well, Amazon sells those too, so hey, there’s something for everyone.

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