You should be celebrating something today

A creative team at DentsuBos have been finding different ways to commemorate the obscure holidays and observances brands latch on to.


Happy Appreciate a Dragon Day, everyone!

Oh, did you forget that was today? Did you embarrassingly show up to work today not wearing the traditional Dragon Day outfit, or have to approach your co-workers empty handed because you didn’t have time to buy the customary Dragon Day gift? Well, now you never have to be caught unprepared again.

Tim Morrison and Michelle Orlandi are a creative team at DentsuBos in Toronto, and since August have been running the @TheresADayToday Instagram account. Every day, the pair has been making a photo or video post celebrating whatever career, snack food, or mythical creature is being commemorated for the next 24 hours.

As staff at an ad agency, Morrison and Orlandi are all too familiar with the fact that brands will attempt to latch on to whatever “National [Insert Product Here] Day” they can find in their hunger for real-time, relevant marketing in the social space – whether it’s a day the general public cares about or not. The team embarked on the project to try and understand what these days really mean for brands (if anything), but the concept has resulted in some tough decisions.

“Some days there’s more than one thing to celebrate,” Morrison said. “National Cookie Day and National┬áDice Day fell on the same day this year. It was a real Sophie’s Choice.”

You can see a few choice selections below and check out the project on Instagram.