An ad that you’ll feel in your bones

Striking ad by Lg2 for SAAQ drives home important message about pedestrian safety.

manmainA unique outdoor ad created by Lg2 had one woman literally squealing with excitement. As people stood before the black screen a visual of their skeleton popped up and as they moved the skeleton moved.

womansquealA woman waved her hands in the air like she just didn’t care.

A bald man with glasses was way more spry than you would guess.

oldwomanAn older woman burst out laughing.

carhitBut the very next second the true intention of the ad was made clear – it’s all fun and games until someone breaks a bone (or several). A car slams into the lady on the screen as she lets out a loud gasp IRL.

shockfaceThis man’s look of shock says it all.

Then text appears on the screen: “Bone Vs Steel. You don’t stand a chance. Cross at intersections.”

The outdoor ad for SAAQ (Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec) is indeed striking and shocking and will hopefully make people think twice before jaywalking.


Client: SAAQ



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