My music tastes are very… singular

Like to scream in the shower? Spotify's got a playlist for you.

It’s almost December – and over the last few years, we’ve come to learn that this means Spotify is about to hit the streets with its year-end campaign, showcasing the hottest, weirdest and quirkiest trends it gained from its users.

The Stockholm-based music streamer debuts its campaign today in Canada, the U.S., Australia, Germany and more. And although Spotify is a digital-native company, the campaign known as “Wrapped” has always taken a more out-there approach with OOH placements.

This year, it will feature artists such as Ariana Grande, Post Malone and Shakira in order to represent the most popular musicians in every market the campaign is running in. But it will also once again tap into the local trends when it comes to playlists, podcasts and artists.

For example, one OOH ad highlights the top-three yodeling playlists (just in case you really needed that), while another brightly coloured ad compares the number of “Laurel” to “Yanny” playlists (remember when that was a thing?).

Some of the playlists are very niche, like “Songs to Scream in the Shower,” which, surprisingly, is not as popular a playlist theme as “Songs to Sing in the Shower.”

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Global ECD: Alex Bodman
Creative directors: Dan Brill, Alexandra Sobiecki, Rajeev Basu
Global brand design director: Rasmus Wangelin
Senior art director: Erik Herrström, Martin Berggren, Tal Midyan
Art director: Steven Conaway, Angeline Toh
Designer: William Oswin
Senior global brand director: Alexandra Tanguay
Senior brand manager: Christine Andren, Lauren Solomon
Creative strategy: Zach Pentel, Nathan Doiev
Director of integrated production: Belinda Lopez
Senior producer: Natalie Espinosa
Integrated production: Jenna Alchin, Kenzie Tankersley, Andon Espeseth
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Head of global media: Scott Marsden
Global media manager: Sarah Schlein
Global head of artist and label marketing: Marian Dicus
Head of artist marketing, international: Madeleine Bennett
Head of artist marketing, North America: Rosa Asciolla
Data science: Race Archibold, Margot Kurfess, Ellion van Buskirk, Sidra Ahmad