Back with more bitter

Farnham & Co returns with more rage-inducing relateability.

Have you heard? Pettiness is once again popular. Vaguebooking is en vogue. Bitterness is back, baby.

As is the Farnham Ale & Lager “A Bit Bitter” campaign.

Since 2014, Lg2 has created various iterations of the brand’s “A Bit Bitter” campaign. Why do they keep coming back to it? Well, probably because the campaign – which depicts situations that would have anyone feeling slightly sour, a tad uptight, and an itty bit irritated – is just so dang relateable.

The latest set of print ads features situations we’ve all been in – a car snowed in, a cat shredding up the family couch, waking up to see the side of your building has been tagged – with all of the creative cleverly blending into pictures of the beer. The images are also tied together with a fantastic warm brown tone that, frankly, just makes you want a beer.

Even if it’s a bit bitter.

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Client: Farnham Ale & Lager
Creative director:Luc Du Sault
Art director:Vincent Bernard
Copywriters:Luc Du Sault, Camille Gagnon
Accountant:Félix Blanchet-Levesque
Photography:Brühmüller Studio
Digital artist:Visual Box
Stylist:Audrey Fontaine



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