Aren’t you tired of hiding?

Taxi's new apparel line cleverly camouflages mental health issues many of us hide.

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Sadly, we humans have typically dealt with things like anxiety, depression and substance abuse in ourselves, loved ones and peers by sweeping them under the rug.

But the past is the past. And there’s no slowing down the mental health train we’re all on. Over the last few years, the world has been waking up and people are starting to come out from hiding. But there’s still more work to do when it comes to bringing mental health out from the shadows.

Initiatives like “Mental Fatigues” are a step in that direction.

Designed by Toronto-based Ka-Young Lee as part of commissioned work for agency Taxi, the new apparel line cleverly camouflages disorders with optical illusions that bring rage, fear, sadness, and many other emotions that have an eroding impact on our mental to the fore.

Look carefully, and you can see people drowning in the puddles of the patterns that make up the camouflage shirt for workplace mental health. Substance abuse is depicted with people fighting as they suffer relationship problems, while anxiety is brought to life through people crying and shouting as they deal with avoidance and anger.

The shirts can be purchased here, with all of the proceeds going to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA).

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