Not your ordinary dog collar

A wearable collar that goes beyond fitness: Link trains your dog and even records their outdoor adventures.

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We weren’t the only ones jonesing after the inventions presented at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show from afar. The best of the best new tech were displayed on stalls on the Las Vegas showroom floor, and some of them were recognized by the conference as part of its Innovation Awards. Here, Stimulant looks at five new creations you should probably be aware of for your next water cooler talk or, better yet, brainstorm/pitch meeting.


For the obsessive puppy parents out there, here’s a wearable collar that enables and encourages you to be by your pet’s side, every minute of every day.

The Link AKC dog collar does four things: (1) it gives you the exact location of Lassie at any given time of the day; (2) it can help you keep your pet healthy and happy by conducting temperature readings, keeping records of vet visits, even making exercise recommendations while it tracks and learns about its wearer’s average activity; (3) it makes you a better pet owner by aiding in training through sound; (4) and lastly, it records puppies’ adventures with a built-in camera for when you’re with them, or just feel like spying on the home alone shenanigans that take place while you’re at the office.