Good times are waiting outside

MEC's activity generator has a little something for everyone.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 10.49.47 AM

The internet needs less memes that keep people planted behind screens indoors and more local routes for runners and casual walkers to tackle outdoors.

There is a surprising lack of sites that offer detailed maps for those looking to do a little cardio. But runners rejoice, because MEC has delivered an adventure package in the form of a microsite that does just that, providing tips for things to do in your area, from short (but sweet) couple K runs to rides and river rafting.

The Good Times Outside website features activities (suggested by MEC staff) any Canadian can do from coast to coast, with the brand calling it the “Spotify for outdoor activity” (or “Sportify” as we like to call it). The site filters the activities according to “vibe, ability, location and duration.” And now that the sun Gods have come out to play, there really is no reason any of you should still have that meme generator tab open on your computer right now.

Photo by Ray Leah