Ready to wear

These cubes make a smart set.


advertiser: Lesya McQueen, Carmie Foglia, Smart Set
agency: Taxi Montreal
executive CD: Stephane Charier
CDs: Dominique Trudeau, Alexandre Gadoua
CW: Jerome Diez
ADs: Maxime Jennis, Frederic Roberdet
agency producers: Andrea Schumeth, Emilie Trudeau
planner: Anne-Marie Leclair
media creativity: Elana Gorbatyuk
account director: Julie Simon
account manager: Sara Cairncross
media: Media Experts
mac artist: Frederic Simard
director: Louis-Philippe Eno
production house: Jet Films
producer: Martin Henri
post production: Fly Studio
music: Alexandre Parr
sound: Denis-Eric Pedneault, Boogie Studio
programming/integration: Hue Web Studio
photographer: Jocelyn Michel, Zeta Productions

Smart Set brings its DIY fashion positioning to life at, in a grown-up version of Barbie gameplay.