East Coast by hand

Talk about dedication to the craft. This billboard was painted entirely by hand.


advertiser: Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism
agency: Target, St. John’s
CD: Tom Murphy
ADs: James Jung, Jessica Tipping
writers: Jenny Smith, Terri Roberts
media manager: Robin Cook
account director: Catherine Kelly
account manager: Ernie Brake
artist: Cam Mahy
outdoor production: CBS Outdoor
videographer/editor: Tim Griffin

This is a stop-motion video by St. John’s-based Target that shows the creation of a billboard for Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism‘s ‘Fresh Air’ campaign. The amazing thing is, as this vid will show you, this window into Newfoundland and Labrador was painted entirely by hand over a three-week period by artist Cam Mahy. Talk about a labour of love, huh? We bet the he was able to get his fair share of fresh air.