Grande Ronde

America is a country made up of many parts.


advertiser: U.S. Census Bureau
agency: Draftfcb, New York
CCO: Michael Simons
EVP, group CD: Gary Resch
VP, group CD: Kevin Dreyfuss
CD: Chaz Mee
executive producer: Kelly Fagan
agency producer: Bailey Kindlon
VP, management director: David Berenbroick
account executive: Nicholas Fico
director: Jason Kohn
prodco: Über Content, Los Angeles
executive producers: Preston Lee, Phyllis Koenig, Steve Wi
DOP: Heloisa Passos
editorial company: Cosmo Street, New York
editors: Doug Abel, Bernardo Revilla, Justin Quagliata
executive producer: Maura Woodward
producer: Heather Richardson

Director Jason Kohn of Hollywood-based prodco Uber Content shot this short piece during his travels across America for a campaign for the U.S. Census Bureau developed by Draftfcb in New York. The idea was to show how important it is to fill out the census by telling the stories of many diverse groups across the country, in this case, the story of four generations of women who are members of the Grande Ronde tribe of Pacific Northwest Native Americans. Their story spans a century  and is a good illustration of why having a census is important. Check out the other stories Kohn filmed here

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