The Caramilk secret’s out

Is there anything that contemporary dance can't do? Oh yeah. Bring clarity.


advertiser: Cadbury
agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
CCO: Gerry Graf
CDs: Chris Beresford-Hill, Nick Spahr
AD: Alan Vladusic
copywriter: Asheen Naidu
senior agency producer: John Doris
director of broadcast production: David Perry
prodco: Smith & Jones
director: Ulf Johansson
editorial company: Peepshow
editor: Andrea MacArthur
post production: Method
audio mix: audioEngine
mixer: Rob DiFondi

That’s right folks. The cat’s out of the bag. After 40 years Cadbury‘s finally telling us how the hell they get that soft, flowing caramel inside their Caramilk bar…through interpretive dance. This ‘revealing’ commercial by Saatchi & Saatchi New York seems to rely on the mantra that a picture’s worth a thousand words. Truth be told, we’d rather take the thousand words, though we should note that our taste buds don’t seem to care. It’s all part of a new Cadbury campaign, the first in a decade to support the Caramilk Secret, using a bunch of mysterious executions to deliver various interpretive reveals of the Caramilk Secret, including a note written in Elvish and the testimonial of a Xhosa tribesman. Check out the campaign in all its caramel-filled chocolatey glory here. Thanks for clearing it up for us Cadbury. Thanks a million.