Working on the chain

The CBCF wants everyone all over the world to join hands.


advertiser: Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
agency: Cundari
CCO: Brent Choi
CD: Andy Manson
associate CD/AD: Mike Dietrich
associate CD/senior writer: Shelly Dwyer
senior interactive designer: John Filetti
interactive designer: Izabela Torbicka
production manager: Chris Yang
prodco/web developers: Pilot

To raise awareness about breast cancer and to drive fundraising efforts and registration for the CIBC Run for the Cure, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation decided that it was going to challenge a world record, all while showing how many people all over the world are connected because of various experiences with the disease. So, it set up a microsite where visitors can become part of a virtual human chain. The goal is to make it the world’s longest handholding chain, supassing the current record, which was set on Dec. 11, 2004 by over five million people who formed a chain 1,050 km long from Teknaf to Tentulia, Bangladesh. The bonus is you don’t have to leave the comfort of your house to participate in the CBCF’s version.