Mouse-click direction

BMW rolls out a DIY banner ad.


advertiser: BMW
agency: Cundari
CD: Brent Choi
ADs: Mike Sipley, Marcella Coad
online designer: John Felleti
copywriter: Brian Murray
online programmer: Jonathan Lee
project manager: Cecily Lo
client service: Daryn Sutherland, Katie Lynn, Devon Enright
media: media Experts

Fancy yourself a better judge of how to put together an online ad than the people who actually do it? Well, BMW’s calling your bluff. To promote its 2011 X3 model it enlisted Cundari to develop a DIY banner ad where you can direct the commercial from the comfort of your own chair. You pick the order you want a selection of clips to play in and voila! Your first directed online banner video ad. You’re that much closer to a Cannes Lion.