Charlie bit me

The CFC reimagines a classic.


advertiser: CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival
agency: doug & serge
CCO: Doug Robinson
CD: Ian Schwey
senior AD: Mike Jones
copywriter: Cam Hudson
accounts team: Chris Hirst, Karelle Steiner, Tom Stephenson
director: Jeff Chan
prodco: Frank Content
executive producer: Michael Schwartz
music/sound: Eggplant Collective
editor: Paul Skinner, Stealing Time

This year, to promote its Worldwide Short Film Festival, the CFC decided that it would pick up on a Hollywood trend: remaking, or reimagining, a classic film. Noting that many people consider what they watch on YouTube to be ‘short films,’ it chose a ‘classic’ that was one of the most popular viral videos in recent memory, ‘Charlie Bit My Finger.’ However, rather than stick to one remake, working with its AOR, Toronto-based Doug & Serge, the CFC produced three: ‘Charlie Bit My Finger – The Horror,’ (featured here) ‘Charlie Bit My Finger – The Musical’ and ‘Charlie Bit My Finger – The Dark Comedy.’ Each short features the tagline ‘Anyone can upload, few can direct.’