Rickard's is good to the last drop.

This new spot for Rickard’s Blonde by CP+B in Toronto is missing something: namely the wise bartender who had a flair for similes when it came to the taste of Rickard’s beers. In this ad, the patrons of a pub wait with bated breath as the last drop of Rickard’s Blonde falls from the tap into a pint glass that’s been prepared by a different bartender. The question is who’s going to get the pint? We figure that had the ad lasted 15 seconds longer we would have been treated to an all-out bar brawl over who gets the Blonde. Right?


advertiser: Rickard’s Blonde
agency: CP+B Toronto
ECD: Aaron Starkman
CDs: Darren Richardson, Michael Murray
copywriter: Mike Dubrick
AD: Benson Ngo
agency producer: Alina Prussky
prodco: Radke Films
director: Common Good
live action dop: Eduard Grau
product dop: Tom Lazarevich
editor: Ross Birchall, Bijou Editorial
VFX: Common Good
senior colourist: Eric Whipp, Alter Ego
online: Sean Cochrane, The Vanity
music house: Apollo
music producer: Didier Tovel
Composer: Pieter Van Dessel