Horrific bowling

13th Street helps bowlers get a head in the game.

Bowlers in Germany have been meeting with an unexpected and gruesome surprise at their local bowling alleys: decapitated heads, their eyeballs popping out of their sockets, sitting where their regular bowling ball should be. Not to worry, the heads aren’t real. They’re simply gory visages spray-painted on regular bowling balls by spraygun artist Oliver Paas to promote the German horror TV channel 13th Street. This horrifying ad execution, developed by Hamburg-based Jung von Matt/Elbe, is certainly somewhat shocking. Just check out the reactions of some of the bowlers in the video above. Bowling can be frustrating enough at times. Hopefully they managed to get through their respective games without losing their heads. Bazinga!


advertiser: 13th Street
agency: Jung von Matt/Elbe, Hamburg

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