Crunchy and chewy

Jolly Ranchers are like eating a turtle...sort of.

This ad was crafted for Jolly Rancher candy by director Olivier Agostini of LA-based Weird Pictures as part of a crowd-sourced campaign for the brand through The ad makes a simple and sensible point: eating a Jolly Rancher is similar to eating a turtle (a real turtle not a chocolate one) – both are crunchy and chewy. Eating a turtle, however, can be perilous if you’re not careful. The bearded gent in this commercial finds that out the hard way.


advertiser: Hershey’s Jolly Rancher
director/copywriter: Olivier Agostini
prodco: Weird Pictures
AD: G.O. Burton
DP: Aaron Biller
editor: Steven Cuellar
production designer: Jimmy L’ananas
wardrobe stylist: Marie-Pierre Agostini
VFX: Aaron Sjogren
animal wrangler: Stephanie Ghantous
SFX: Tyler Slade
post: Co3