Capri Sun goes big

The drink wreaks havoc on other fridge inhabitants.

Capri Sun is like the Hulk of the refridgerator. In this spot by U.S. agency SS+K, the drink seems mild-mannered at first, sitting quietly next to the eggs and mustard, but then, what we can only assume is rage takes over and it turns into a monster at the peril of its poor neighbours. The result is a larger version of its former self – the “Big Pouch.” Great if you’re really thirsty. Not so great if you were going to make an egg salad sandwich.


Client: Kraft Foods
Marketing Director: Karan Bajaj
Pouch Master: Wilfred De Guzman
Agency: SS+K
Copywriter: Chris Plehal
Art Director: Mike Yang
Producer: Amanda McCroskery
Dir. of Production: John Swartz
Dir. of Business Affairs: Jennifer Bilyk
Engagement Lead: Cora Byrne
VP, Executive Director: Kate Rothen
Account Supervisor: Mallory Solomon
President: Bradley Kay
Production Company: Blacklist
Executive Producers: Adina Sales, Andrew Linsk
Producer: Nathan Jew
Wizz Design:
Director: nobrushing
Executive Producer: Amélie Couvelaire
Producer: Jean-Gabriel Sant-Paul
Line Producer: Pénélope Bischoff
DoP: Kanamé Onomaya
Animators: Frédéric Glon, Sylvain Derosne
Set Designer: Géraldine Stivet
Actor: Basile Roze
Audio: Elias Arts
Sound Designer/Creative Director: Greg Griffith
Executive Producer: Kala Sherman