Hockey reprieve

Tennis Canada saves kids from the ice.
tennis canada

Hockey, Canada’s beloved pastime… or is it? Tennis Canada and Bensimon Byrne are trying to save those kids forced into the sport from a cold and icy fate… join tennis, these commercials suggest, and you can skip the lonely penalty box. Your move Hockey Canada – care to take a puck-shot at the racket sport?


Advertiser: Tennis Canada
Agency: Bensimon Byrne
Creative Director: Joseph Bonnici
Associate Creative Director/Art Director: Dan Strasser
Associate Creative Director/Copywriter: David Mueller
Account Director: Mark Hewitt
Producer: Christine Pacheco / Michelle Pilling
French Producer: Claudia Theriault
Film Production: OPC
Director: Chris Woods
Executive Producer: Harland Weiss
Editing: Married to Giants
Editor: Graham Chisolm
Audio: Pirate
Director: Vanya Drakul
Transfer: Alter Ego
Online: Alter Edo
Online Editor: Darren Archim