The wall

Eavesdropping on Zulu Alpha Kilo's boardroom.

If these walls could talk… Well, in Zulu Alpha Kilo’s case, they did. The agency finally answered the age-old question of what your creative ideas are really thinking. Who knew ambient experiential ideas were so brash, or that long-copy ads were so vulgar. Poor creative brief, she’s so meek no one seems to be listening to her.

Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
Creative Director: Zak Mroueh
Art Director: Mooren Bofill
Writer: George Ault & Nick Asik
Agency Producer: Tasha Dean & Bette Minott
Account Team: Jessica DeSantis
Production House: TOUCHPOINT Films
Director: Matthew Atkinson
Executive Producer: Kevin Saffer
Director of Photography: Rob Scarborough
Camera Assistant: Alex Ordanis
Production Coordinator: Russell Saffer
Editing Company: PosterBoy
Editor: Danica Pardo
Online Artist: Steve McGregor
Video Post Facility: Alter Ego
Colourist/Transfer: Tricia Hagoriles
Audio Post Facility/Music House: Pirate Toronto
Audio Directors: Steve Gardner & Tom Goudie
Audio Engineer: Spencer Hall & Ian Boddy
Audio Producer: Kate Goora-Fried