Pizza game changers

Boston Pizza gets inventive with pizza pockets and beardkins.
Boston Pizza 1

How have we survived so long in a world without napkins for facial hair, without food-shaped shirt pockets for the diner-on-the-go or without (and this one’s a doozy, folks) pizza-shaped and flavoured mints? It’s startling, right? Yes it is, but you can help give these innovations life, if you’re so inclined, by heading over to the Pizza Game Changers website, created for Boston Pizza by agency Taxi, and voting for any one of the 13 useful products the restaurant has brainstormed. From there, the item with the most votes will be prototypes for mass production this summer. Not surprising the brand decided to go this route of innovative merchandising to complement its new Pizza Taco, what with its previous Rib Stain Camo tee having done so well (apparently the shirts have made appearances on fans at Jays games in Toronto, camp sites in Alberta, and family reunions and bachelor parties all over, according to Joanne Forrester, the brand’s VP of marketing). What is surprising is that the Pizza Cake is in the lead (though it does fit nicely with BP’s 50th birthday). But we’re campaign for the gas-powered pizza slicer that uses a red light laser to guide when cutting edges. Let’s make this happen, people.


Advertiser: Boston Pizza
Creative Agency: Taxi
Media agency: UM
PR agency: High Road Communications