Making happy hour plural

Kona Brewing Company encourages single-tasking.

It’s the second day after the long weekend and we’ll bet you’re still trying to make up for that “lost” work day (darn holidays, right?). Well Hawaii-based Kona Brewing Co. has a few messages for us (OK, it was targeted more at the U.S. mainland, but it’s a message worth hearing just the same). We’ve got just one life, so don’t blow it. Try taking a break now and then to do just one thing, like drink a delicious beer. And instead of a “Happy Hour,” why not set aside one hour of the day to be sad and enjoy the rest? We’re not sure if the company’s beers are available here, but we wouldn’t mind bottling up some of that laid-back attitude.


Brand: Kona Brewing Co.
Agency: Duncan/Channon