A storybook kind of love

Kraft helps us appreciate our (other) loved ones this V-day.

Between the condom ads and spicy movie parodies, it’s easy to forget we have people in our lives that we’d like to express our love for that aren’t our significant other. In a new video, Kraft Peanut Butter and agency Taxi 2 told hyper-busy mom Deborah that they were filming a documentary. What was really going on was her workaholic husband and two daughters had teamed up with children’s author Paulette Bourgeois to create a children’s book based on their ideas and the kids’ drawings. The plan is revealed when Deborah is asked to help with a public reading of the book in a room that includes her loving family. So remember: you can tell people you love them without making a joke about knocking boots.


Brand: Kraft Peanut Butter
Agency: Taxi 2
Production Company: Studio M