Shake it like a polaroid picture

Grip created a special KFC bucket that spits out photos.

Not to sound nostalgic or technophobic, but there was something nice about going through a handful of physical, printed photographs you took somewhere, as opposed to the hundreds of pictures that live on your phone that you rarely look at after you take them or post them to social media. KFC, being a standard option at family reunions and summer picnics, obviously feels the same way because it’s created a solution.

Taking the iconic KFC bucket of chicken and combining it with a wireless photo printer,¬†Grip has created the “Memory Bucket.” People can still use their smartphones to take as many photos of their friends and loved ones as they like, but they can also select their favourites and print them out instantly. That way, the memories have a more tangible way to live on after the bucket is empty.

Grip has made a handful of these buckets and a few customers will be able to get one of their own. The “Memory Bucket” is the first in a series of “Bucket Science” projects the agency will be doing to celebrate KFC’s 60th anniversary in Canada, so allow us to make a suggestion for the next project: a special wipe that gets fried chicken fingerprints off the photos.


Brand: KFC
Agency: Grip
Art director: Anton Ratinsky
Sr. Copywriter: Jeff Collins
Account Director: Sascha von Nickisch-Rosenegk
Account Manager: Shawna Powell
Social content strategist: Matthew Stasoff
Social content strategist: Jacquie Kostuk
Editor: Ben Badger
Producer: Katherina Villa



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